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The Chronicles of Globozuria — Chapter One — Avadhaan

The first chapter of a space fantasy series, introducing the lead character Avadhaan. Reading time: 15 minutes. The Chronicles of Globozuria Chapter One - Avadhaan 1. He was walking on land that once was a paradise. Now, it was just smoke and dust. He was dragging his half-alive caricature amongst the echoes of death and destruction. This was once his hometown; he had grown up here. Now, there was nothing left but the ashes of his childhood. It had been long since the war ended, but nothing had changed. The soldier's army had surrendered, but the chieftain of the enemy army assumed command of the entire planet and ordered the survivors to be executed. He had been on the run ever since. The soldiers of the supreme leader had been looking everywhere for survivors. They had deployed killer droids. He and his comrades were hunted like wild animals to be killed on sight. While they were forced to run and hide, the innocent citizens were crushed under the supreme leader’s tyra

An Evoking from the Stars

An alien lands in ancient Egypt and walks across the middle east in search for his lost love until he finds her. Reading time: 13 minutes. Ciao, The following tale is one of the three stories that kick start's featured Mythical Series 'Keepers of the Knowledge'. The other two are still in work, but you can read the first drafts if you'd like. I'll add the links at the end, let me know. Keep reading. Arrivederci. An Evoking from the Stars Chapter One — Walking W alking. That's one of the few things I remembered. I had been walking ever since I had landed on this planet. I didn't know how long I had been walking for, didn't remember how far I had come. I just remembered walking. I remembered the first time my feet touched the ground. The dry and hot sand burned my soles. I remembered when my lungs filled with this foreign air and the sun shone on my head. It was so familiar with my planet, it almost felt like I was back home. The first thing


A silent, deadly, invisible vigilante organization the Shadows. Chapter 1 Crime-city C rime-City. That’s what they called it. Even though it had a real name but nobody remembered it, not even the ones who’s ancestors had founded the City. The name was the important part because the founders were all criminals, drug lords, and mafia. They wanted a place where they can camouflage their businesses and the name was the first step. A few decades ago, some of the most notorious crime families of different cities came together at this place which was just a small town and a pier. There was no trace of any human habitat up to three hundred miles in any of the three directions, the fourth one was the sea. They set up their homes and fake businesses. The other drugs and weapons dealers caught the waft of a new city where they didn’t have to worry about law enforcement agencies. Soon everybody was migrating to this new city. Some realtors thought this was a fair chance to hide their corr

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