XTales.net formerly 'The Explorer’s Tales' is a perfect place for all kinds of stories but features mostly creepypastas, scary, horror, mystery and similar kinds of stories.

All the stories are set in a fictional universe where everything is possible including ghosts and spirits, aliens and monsters, witches and cults, every dark creature, every evil thing is commonplace here.

These stories, in some way or another, are interconnected. They make a web of bizarre incidents and unexplainable, unimaginable events but don’t worry you'll find hope too. You will find light. You will find yourself surrounded with some unique and special characters who will fight to their lives to protect you from those evil forces, from those creatures of the dark. All you have to do is just stick with them, until the end.

These stories are written by me and are works of fiction, mostly. Every story is equally enjoyable individually as well as in a series. If a story follows another one and/or is followed by another story. The links to those stories are given before and after the story respectively. If a series has 3 or more stories, a link to the whole chronology is given for easier access.

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