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The Chronicles of Globozuria — Chapter One — Avadhaan

The first chapter of a space fantasy series, introducing the lead character Avadhaan. Reading time: 15 minutes. The Chronicles of Globozuria Chapter One - Avadhaan 1. He was walking on land that once was a paradise. Now, it was just smoke and dust. He was dragging his half-alive caricature amongst the echoes of death and destruction. This was once his hometown; he had grown up here. Now, there was nothing left but the ashes of his childhood. It had been long since the war ended, but nothing had changed. The soldier's army had surrendered, but the chieftain of the enemy army assumed command of the entire planet and ordered the survivors to be executed. He had been on the run ever since. The soldiers of the supreme leader had been looking everywhere for survivors. They had deployed killer droids. He and his comrades were hunted like wild animals to be killed on sight. While they were forced to run and hide, the innocent citizens were crushed under the supreme leader’s tyra

Killer vs Killer

A serial killer breaks into a house. Then begins the chase of cat and mouse, the game of a predator and the prey. Reading time: 12 minutes. Killer vs Killer Chapter One - The Chances T here was something eerie about that evening. The wind was witnessing the gloom that covered the city. The street lights were trying to light up every dark corner. They were afraid if they failed, something sinister might develop. A stray dog was lurking in the street, looking for something to eat. It stopped to smell a piece of garbage beside the pedestrian path. It was trying to decide if it was edible just when its eyes lit, and its head jerked up in response to the sudden movement. I turned on the light of the living room and looked outside the window at the stray dog, who stared at me for a second and then went along to do whatever it was doing. I looked across the street and the hazy sky. It was so calm that one would not have suspected a thing before stepping out of the house. I looked around at

Why I Prefer the Dark

A boy recalls his story of how he got his mind-reading abilities and his relation with the darkness. Reading time: 60 minutes. Now also available on Wattpad. Why I Prefer the Dark . Chapter One - The Mind Reader I t was dark. Peaceful and comfortable. I liked it there but it hadn't always been the same. As a kid, I was too scared of the dark. Never slept with lights off because I was afraid that an arm with sharp long fingers would stretch out from any of those ghastly shadows or those dense, tenebrous corners and drag me into their endless world of fear and trauma. I was always concerned not to drink anything before I went to bed so I would not have to wake up and go to the bathroom in the middle of the night. And yet it did not do any good. On many of those silent nights, I woke up thirsty but the kitchen was much closer than the bathroom from my bedroom so it went a little too good until I turned ten. That year when the summer holidays were just about to start, my mothe

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