The Hour of the Dead

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They Are Real

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Lithobolia: The Stone Throwing Devil

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We Went to a Restricted Area in Brazil's Forest

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The First Generation of Soldiers

A group of farmers come together to save their community from a rogue group of hunters. Reading time: 5 minutes. The First Generation of Soldiers They were farmers, not soldiers. Their forefathers had given up hunting a long, long time ago. Now they lived in a community, not in caves; they ate self-grown food, not hunted animals. They had discovered trade routes and developed commerce with other communities. The new generation of farmers lived in harmony and believed in peace. It was an age of evolution. They used to be wild and savage; but, now they were benevolent and civilized. Instead of killing innocent animals, they farmed cattle and poultry. Some of them kept canines as guards and small cats as pets. They advanced their craftsmanship. They discovered art, music, and entertainment. Their days would go in hard work like working the fields, catering for the farms, building their shelters, and cooking food for everyone. Their evenings would submerge in the celebration of anot

Wake Me Up!

A bizarre experience of a receptionist at a hotel. Reading time: 4 minutes. Wake Me Up! I work at the reception of this five-star hotel. My shifts keep changing, and sometimes I have to work the midnight shift. I hate that timing because I still have to keep myself awake all night, even when there's no one to attend to. Another reason I hate this shift is that it gets super lonely. At times, I am the only staff member available. Sometimes, I literally have to go to a person's room to just open a window or show them how the cable works. I don’t know why I get so scared with all the goddamned light switched on. Maybe, it’s the creepy atmosphere here. When you walk in these corridors at night, you can hear your footsteps echoing throughout and back. You wouldn’t be able to tell if someone’s walking behind you in perfect synchrony or not. It gives you chills just to think about this. Anyway, the bizarre incident that made me quit my job happened months ago. I was working the

Just a Precaution

A man confesses on his trial for murder. Reading time: 4 minutes. Just a Precaution The courtroom was silent; no one said a thing. The prosecutor had just summed up his case. The judge has asked the convict if he wanted to say something. The convict had asked for a glass of water. The doorman entered with a glass of water. He walked up to the booth and handed it to the convict, who gulped it down and handed it back. “I did it,” he said finally. Everyone in the courtroom gasped. The judge ordered them to settle down, and the convict went on. “I killed my best friend. I didn’t want to, but he threatened to throw me to the police for murder. Yes, I killed the barman too. It all happened in a spur of the moment.” The convict was lost in his memories. “It was late, and I had been thrown out of three bars consecutively. This was fourth. The barman said they had closed, but I begged him to serve me one last drink. My alcohol addiction got the best of me. He refused, and I lost my tempe

It's Still a Jungle Out There

Unconventional methods of an eccentric defence coach. Reading time: 4 minutes. It’s Still a Jungle Out There Tina and Monica were returning home from work late at night. Usually, they’d take a cab, but that day, they couldn’t find one. It was a freezing night in January. No one would dare to come out to face such slow chilly winds. Tina and Monica were involuntarily cluttering their teeth while walking on the sidewalk. They tried to talk and make it bearable, but nothing. It was better if they walked faster and got to their shared apartment. They didn’t think they’d meet or see anybody on their way, but they did. A man appeared at the other end of the street. He was fully covered in woollen clothes. Monica grabbed Tina’s arm. “Relax,” Tina whispered to Monica. When the man got closer, he reached into his front pocket, took out a switchblade and flicked it open. Monica screamed inaudibly and almost stopped. Tina had to hold onto Monica’s arm and drag her. The man probably beg

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