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A family moves into a new house, and the horrors follow. Reading time: 4 minutes. Cliché “Honey, did you hear?” she asked, whispering. “About what?” he inquired with his mouth full of toast. They were sitting at the table in the kitchen having breakfast. “The kid of the new couple across the street went missing. Poor guys. They’d just moved into their new house.” He couldn’t understand her need to whisper. “I’m sure they’ll find the kid,” he said rather coldly. “Do you know if the police said anything?” he asked. “Same old bullshit! ‘We are doing our best' blah blah—” He finished his breakfast and grabbed his case. “I should head out. See you in the evening, hon.” They kissed each other and walked towards the door. “Do you think I should go see them?” she asked. “Yeah, sure,” he quickly replied without even thinking. “Okay, bye.” It almost seemed to her as if he didn’t care. She shrugged her shoulders and went in. Later that afternoon, she went to see the couple across the stree

Don't Consult a Witch

A girl is still hung up on her ex-boyfriend when a strange woman offers to help her out of her situation which she agrees to despite her friend's disapproval. Reading time: 9 minutes 2 seconds. “Y ou are not ready yet?” Meena asked Parul as soon as she entered her room. “Nah, I'm not going, you go ahead,” replied Parul without even looking at Meena. She was laying on the bed staring at the ceiling. “I don’t feel like going to a party.” "You are kidding, right? Parul is not feeling like going to a party?” Meena said as she looked into the mirror one more time, it was obvious that she had been doing that all evening. She held her head at every angle to check if her makeup was alright, turned to sides to look at her dress. Flipped her hair a bit and then finally when she looked at Parul who was still in bed in her pyjamas, still staring at the ceiling, she got a bit concerned. “What’s wrong dear? Are you sick?” “No, no, I'm not sick.” Meena walked up to her, sat beside h

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