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The Hour of the Dead - XTales (Dark Fantasy, Dreams and Illusions, Psychological, Ritual, 10-20 min., Creepypasta)

A woman learns about a ritual to communicate with the dead. She decides to use it to bring back a lost family member. Reading time: 17 minutes. Now, also available on Wattpad and Pratilipi. SENSITIVE CONTENT WARNING! A jeep rapidly advanced on the moonlit lonely road in the dead of the night. The winds were calm and cold, whispering a melody. It was a serene night, waiting for something to happen. The driver, a young woman named Meghna or Meg, stared at the empty path that seemed to be endless. Her mind harboured a chaos of endless thoughts and memories. A single drop of tear slid down her face while she tried to contain the raging storm in the ocean of her mind. 'Tonight's the night,' Meg thought. She had been waiting for this night since she learned about the ritual. ‘Tonight—I'll see if it works. I hope it does.’ Meg had left the city far behind her. Now, her jeep was tracing its way on a single-lane road in the middle of a desert. There was not one—not on

We Went to a Restricted Area in Brazil's Forest

A group of friends decides to visit Brazil's forest and gets stuck in the restricted area. Reading time: 9 minutes. We Went to a Restricted Area in Brazil's Forest We had been in this company for quite a long time, so we decided to take a vacation. We are a group of five friends—actually just four, but Katie always tagged along. Our group decided to go to Brazil. They say the summer is the best time to visit there. We all are college friends, and we all happen to work in the same company in different positions. Robert or Bob was the first one to join the company. He helped all of us, one way or another, to get a job with him. Daisy, his girlfriend, works with him as a team. I'm Nick; I work in a different department with Katie and Jensen. Our company manufactures bolts for machinery. We get orders in bulk from Multinational Companies and some other small ones. We hadn't taken a leave ever since we joined, so we thought it was high time. Hence, we all took leaves

A Mythical Night

A man meets an eccentric man on his way back home from the office, and he has what can only be called a mythical night. Reading time: 7 minutes. A Mythical Night There was something different about that night, something magical. John was on his way back home from work. He got off the bus and strolled towards his building. It was about half a mile from the bus stop. He was in his mind, probably humming a song when he bumped into this gentleman. “Oh, I’m sorry,” John apologised. “I didn’t see you there.” “It’s not your fault,” the gentleman clarified. “How could you have seen me? I’ve just arrived here.” “Okay, um—have a nice evening.” John started to leave, but the gentleman crossed his path. John got a little worried. “Excuse me, uh, Mr...?” “You can call me John.” "Oh, okay, nice to meet you, John," the gentleman shook John's hand. "My name is—well, I have many names, but you can call me Adam.” "Okay, can I help you, Adam?" “Yeah, I was just won

The God of Lies

A nine-year-old kid learns to lie and eventually becomes the true god of lies. Reading time: 7 minutes. The God of Lies “Dad, why did you lie to them?" the kid asked innocently. The father did not know what to say. It's pretty hard to make a nine-year-old kid understand why you called in sick at work when you are perfectly up and running. “You see, champ, daddy wants some rest today, so he could work double tomorrow. If you see it that way, it’s a good lie. And, you get to spend all day with me.” The kid did not ask another question; He was trying to grasp the concept of a good lie. Poor kid would spend his entire childhood figuring this out. He would not get it until the day he would lie, himself, for the first time. The kid came back from school. It was a couple of weeks later. His mother asked him, “Did you finish your lunch, sweety?” He opened his mouth to say ‘no’, but what came out was, "Yes, mom." That was the moment. He learned that if lying can keep h

A Piece of Darkness

A woman suspects that someone is stalking her, and it might not be a human. Reading time: 5 minutes. A Piece of Darkness It all started when I was assigned to the graveyard shift at this mall, where I worked as a janitor. I would be the last person to leave the mall. By the time I would reach my one room and one kitchen flat, it would easily be three in the morning. Since the mall wasn’t very far, I used to walk from my home and back. My neighbourhood is a decent area. Everyone is helpful to each other. I found myself in trouble a couple of times, but there was always someone to help. My neighbour fixed my plumbing for free and saved me a few hundred, maybe more. Sometimes, another one of my neighbours dropped me off at work. It was all pleasant and easy until one night. I was coming back from work. It was a quiet night, just like all the others. I am not a fearful person, yet something made me uneasy that night. I was crossing this rather lonely road when I felt another set

My Plane Crashed and I Went to Hell

A man, after being in a plane crash, finds himself in hell. Reading time: 11 minutes. A little announcement, or maybe two. We achieved two milestones in the last week. First of all, has been featured in the list of world’s top 80 horror blogs by Feedspot. Make sure to check out their list. And second, the previous story, ‘The Letter to My Other Self’ was published on world’s most popular horror-fiction platform Head over there to read it and vote. And now… My Plane Crashed and I Went to Hell D o you know about fear when you are walking down a lonely road all by yourself in the middle of the night? You are scared as hell, but when you are with friends walking down the same road, it’s not that scary. Everything changes when you are not alone. So maybe it’s not the darkness you are afraid of. Maybe it’s the loneliness. I just thought of that because I was walking

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