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An Evoking from the Stars - XTales (Aliens, Love, 10-20 mins., Creepypasta)

An alien lands on Earth and walks across the planet, looking for his lost love until he finds her. Reading time: 12 minutes. Now, also available on Wattpad and Pratilipi. SENSITIVE CONTENT WARNING! Chapter One Walking Walking—that's one of the few things I remembered. I had been walking ever since I had landed on this planet. I didn't know how long I had been walking or how far I had come. I just remembered walking. I remembered the first time my feet touched the ground. The dry and hot sand burned my soles. I remembered when my lungs filled with this foreign air and the sun shone on my head. It was so familiar with my planet that it almost felt like I was back home. The first thing different from our planet that I noticed was the day-night cycle. The day lasted only for a few hours. I got scared at first, thinking I'd have to hunt for food for a long time, but only a few hours later, the sun rose again. My first task was to find the inhabitants of this planet, so I walke

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