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The Shadows - XTales (Crime, Suspense, Series, 20-40 mins., Creepypasta)

A mysterious killer has terrified the criminals of Crime-City. Dead bodies are dropping every night. It will be the worst time to visit, and a girl does precisely that. Reading time: 29 minutes. Now, also available on Wattpad and Pratilipi. SENSITIVE CONTENT WARNING! Chapter One  Crime-City The night was quiet, and the wind tiptoed around the pier where a dozen men were busy unloading unmarked packages from a boat into a van. The name on the board was as old as the city itself, Crime-City. They called it so because no one remembered the actual name, not even the descendants of the founders. The men did their jobs well without stopping for a second even to chat. They worked in complete silence as if they didn't want to bother the sleeping city, not that they cared. It was night, and the night in Crime-City belonged to the criminals. They weren't worried about the police. Why would they be? The city had a system. What they should have been worried about was a hooded fi

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