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The Creator and the Creation

Bela decides to repair the broken time machine that she found in her basement to go meet her father who went missing years ago. Reading time: 21.515 minutes. T ime is mysterious. It both creates and destroys things. Sometimes I feel that time is the real god. Time has created this universe, time governs it and, time will end it. Other times, I just wonder what created time? Who or what can be so powerful, can have the authority and wisdom to create such mysteriously beautiful thing. Sometimes I just wonder… Chapter One The Mysterious Disappearance of My Father My father went missing right before I was born. Nobody could ever find him. I don’t have any memory of the time, how could I? But I heard a lot of things while growing up. My neighbours would talk for years. They said he ran on my mother. A friend of my mother’s helped her until I was one year old. I vaguely remember her. Kids in my school taunted me for my entire school life. Bullies just teased me while beating

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