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A Unique Camping Experience

A couple’s horrifying and yet unique camping experience. Reading time: 5 minutes. A Unique Camping Experience My girlfriend and I wanted to spend the weekend together, so we went to this beautiful camping site in the forest. We had set up our camp nicely by the sunset on an enchanting Friday evening. We also met other groups who had come there for the same experience. We lit a nice cosy bonfire, and I cooked our food on it that we had packed. We had switched off our phones, so we didn't have quite an idea of the time. We were just gazing at the stars in a beautiful, moonless night sky. We stayed outside the tent for hours, but then it got dreadfully quiet, so we went in. It was definitely past midnight because there were literally no sounds of the other campers. They must’ve gone to sleep by then. All we could hear were night bugs and slow winds. We were cuddling, trying to go to sleep when we heard it. “HELP!” We both sat upright, alerted, and listening; it was a blood-cur

A Mythical Night

A man meets an eccentric man on his way back home from the office, and he has what can only be called a mythical night. Reading time: 7 minutes. A Mythical Night There was something different about that night, something magical. John was on his way back home from work. He got off the bus and strolled towards his building. It was about half a mile from the bus stop. He was in his mind, probably humming a song when he bumped into this gentleman. “Oh, I’m sorry,” John apologised. “I didn’t see you there.” “It’s not your fault,” the gentleman clarified. “How could you have seen me? I’ve just arrived here.” “Okay, um—have a nice evening.” John started to leave, but the gentleman crossed his path. John got a little worried. “Excuse me, uh, Mr...?” “You can call me John.” "Oh, okay, nice to meet you, John," the gentleman shook John's hand. "My name is—well, I have many names, but you can call me Adam.” "Okay, can I help you, Adam?" “Yeah, I was just won

It Lived in the Well

True accounts of encounters with an unknown creature that lived in a well in my father's village. Reading time: 12 minutes. Ciao, has always been about horror fiction, until now. With today's tale, we are stepping into the world of true events. All the stories based on true events will be tagged as so. You can find them in the sidebar menu under 'Categories'. Keep reading. Arrivederci. It Lived in the Well W hen I started writing my blog, it was just horror fiction. I never wrote anything from my real-life experiences. The main reason was that I never had any real-life experiences involving the mysterious or the unknown, never encountered anything unnatural. Since I had to go with my imagination, I was always looking for inspiration. Recently, I started asking all the people I know if they ever had any such experiences. Following are the events my father narrated to me. It includes his and others' accounts of encounters with an unknown creature. It liv

Beneath the Surface

Arjun, the monster hunter, goes to a town to solve yet another mystery that allegedly involves shapeshifters, but this time, he has to work alone without any help from Mansi, the member of the secret society he works for. Reading time: 44 minutes. Previously: The Companion — A seven-year-old boy finds a doppelganger of him while playing in his backyard, and he does the worst he could've done; he brings him home. & The Krovosos Family — Arjun, the monster hunter, tries to solve the mystery of bloodless bodies, which everyone, at first, thought was the work of vampires but turns out to be something else. ( Click here to see Arjun's whole chronology. ) Thanks to Mansi, a dear friend of mine. Without her help, this story wouldn't have been what it is. In the memory of my loving mother, Suman Lata (1975-2021). Beneath the Surface 1 J oseph grabbed his glass half-filled with alcohol and walked past the kitchen counter on a silent night that spread across a small town. W

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