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Beneath the Surface

Arjun goes to a town to solve another mystery which allegedly involves Shapeshifters but this time he has to work on his own without any help from Mansi. Reading time: 44 minutes. Previously : The Companion - A seven years old boy finds a doppelganger of him while playing in his backyard and he does the worst he could've done, he brings him home. & The Krovosos Family - Arjun tries to solve the mystery of bloodless bodies which everyone at first thought was the work of vampires but turns out to be something else. ( Click here to see Arjun's whole chronology. ) Thanks to Mansi, a dear friend of mine. Without her help, this story wouldn't have been what it is. Make sure to check out her page on Instagram, just_another_wannabewriter . In memory of my loving mother, Suman Lata (1975-2021). Beneath the Surface 1 J oseph grabbed his glass half-filled with alcohol and walked past the kitchen counter on a silent night that spread across a small town. When he sat on the co

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