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The Warrior Code

A warrior tells a fellow traveller his code. Reading time: 4 minutes. The Warrior Code The winds were strong outside this wooden shack of a tavern half covered in snow in the middle of nowhere. Those few people in it were trying to find warmth and refuge in the arms of good old moonshine. The storm was raging outside like a snow breathing dragon. It would not take moments to kill a fully grown man out there. And yet, there was a knock on the door. The owner opened the door to introduce this huge man covered in fur and reintroduce the cold chilly killer winds. Everyone shuddered and hollered at the owner to shut the damn door. The huge man shook the snow off his shoulders and walked to the bar. The owner put a glassful in front of him, which he gulped down in a single go and asked for a refill. The owner complied and went off to serve others. The man then took off the fur coat to reveal a long heavy sword tied to his waist, resting in its sheath. The sword of this warrior grabbed

A Unique Camping Experience

A couple’s horrifying and yet unique camping experience. Reading time: 5 minutes. A Unique Camping Experience My girlfriend and I wanted to spend the weekend together, so we went to this beautiful camping site in the forest. We had set up our camp nicely by the sunset on an enchanting Friday evening. We also met other groups who had come there for the same experience. We lit a nice cosy bonfire, and I cooked our food on it that we had packed. We had switched off our phones, so we didn't have quite an idea of the time. We were just gazing at the stars in a beautiful, moonless night sky. We stayed outside the tent for hours, but then it got dreadfully quiet, so we went in. It was definitely past midnight because there were literally no sounds of the other campers. They must’ve gone to sleep by then. All we could hear were night bugs and slow winds. We were cuddling, trying to go to sleep when we heard it. “HELP!” We both sat upright, alerted, and listening; it was a blood-cur

Keepers of the Knowledge

A strange tale of an alien, a time travelling woman and a man with a library of hidden knowledge, the tale of their adventure through a desert when they are chased by a mysterious phantom. Reading time: 15 minutes 25 seconds. Previously - An Evoking from the Stars – An alien lands in ancient Egypt and walks across the middle east following a signal, looking for someone. & The Creator and the Creation – Bela decides to fix the time machine that she found in her basement to go meet her father who went missing before she was born. Chapter One T he dry and hot desert was unwelcoming. The scorching heat was like hell-fire. The sun may as well have sucked the life out of any inhabitants right way instead of drying them up bit by bit. The hot winds were no comfort either. Every gust was like a slap to the face. Every shrug was a decree of death to the ears. The hot sand covered the land that one could see from their feet to the horizon. There was not a single tree in sight, a petty littl

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