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Keepers of the Knowledge

A strange tale of an alien, a time travelling woman and a man with a library of hidden knowledge, the tale of their adventure through a desert when they are chased by a mysterious phantom. Reading time: 15 minutes 25 seconds. Previously - An Evoking from the Stars – An alien lands in ancient Egypt and walks across the middle east following a signal, looking for someone. & The Creator and the Creation – Bela decides to fix the time machine that she found in her basement to go meet her father who went missing before she was born. Chapter One T he dry and hot desert was unwelcoming. The scorching heat was like hell-fire. The sun may as well have sucked the life out of any inhabitants right way instead of drying them up bit by bit. The hot winds were no comfort either. Every gust was like a slap to the face. Every shrug was a decree of death to the ears. The hot sand covered the land that one could see from their feet to the horizon. There was not a single tree in sight, a petty littl

An Evoking from the Stars

An alien lands in ancient Egypt and walks across the middle east in search for his lost love until he finds her. Reading time: 13 minutes. Ciao, The following tale is one of the three stories that kick start's featured Mythical Series 'Keepers of the Knowledge'. The other two are still in work, but you can read the first drafts if you'd like. I'll add the links at the end, let me know. Keep reading. Arrivederci. An Evoking from the Stars Chapter One — Walking W alking. That's one of the few things I remembered. I had been walking ever since I had landed on this planet. I didn't know how long I had been walking for, didn't remember how far I had come. I just remembered walking. I remembered the first time my feet touched the ground. The dry and hot sand burned my soles. I remembered when my lungs filled with this foreign air and the sun shone on my head. It was so familiar with my planet, it almost felt like I was back home. The first thing

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