Just a Nightmare?

I had a dream a long time ago about an alien invasion that almost felt like a premonition.
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Just a Nightmare?

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It was a calm night of late September back in 2016. I was in my third year of Engineering. My roommate hardly ever stayed in the college dormitory for two consecutive weeks. He often visited his girlfriend back in his hometown, a couple of hours away. The point is that I was alone in our room more often, and so was the case that night too.

I had dinner and went to bed early. It was way later than midnight when I woke up thirsty. After gulping down a litre of water, I went back to bed. But sleep was far away from my eyes, so I continued reading the Dexter series by Jeff Lindsay. I can't remember which book out of the series it was. After half an hour, I felt sleepy again. I put down my phone (I was reading an ebook) and went to sleep. Maybe that was it. My hyperactive mind couldn’t go back to sleep just yet. My body might have been resting, but my mind was wide awake. Its imagination could run wild, and maybe it did because I had the most realistic, most detailed dream of my life. It had felt so real that, to this day, I remember every tiny detail. None of the nightmares I had before that night was so real, and neither were the ones I had after. That's the reason I think that it wasn't just a dream. I feel—and you can call me crazy—I think it was a premonition.

I come from a region of my country where we don't have slanted roofs. We lived deep in the Thar desert. Here, we sleep on our terrace during Summer. Blackouts and power cuts made the nights more fun. Everyone in the neighbourhood would come upon their terraces. We'd watch the moon and the stars and talk about the universe. We’d discuss if there were other planets out there where people lived, people like us. We’d ponder the meaning and importance of our existence in the cosmos. For us kids, it was just for the thrill of it, nothing else.

Anyway, in my dream, it was a night just like this. Our entire city had a blackout. We were on the terrace, enjoying the breeze of the summer night. Suddenly, we felt as if something was wrong. At least, I felt so.

The first thing I noticed were several military aircraft. My hometown shares the border with one of our neighbouring countries. Along with the Army and Air force, we also have a Border Security Force or BSF. I remember seeing them all in a stir. It was as if they were alerted by something. Everyone’s first thought was tension at the border, but we weren’t sure. We were just looking up in the sky, watching an insane number of aircraft going in every direction. The silence of the night had turned into a band of sonic booms. Then it happened.

First came the sandstorm. It wasn’t like any other sandstorm I had ever seen. Usually, a sandstorm is caused by strong winds that send the sand flying into the air. But that night, it wasn't like that. I felt the gravity fading out slowly. The sand was being lifted in the air by an invisible force. The sky turned brown. It was near impossible to be able to see anything, but I did. I saw it.

I looked up in the sky, and what I saw almost made me shit my pants. An entire planet was approaching the earth. It was a terrifying sight; This behemoth, celestial body was slowly descending. I heard panicked voices. Everyone who saw it was either screaming or unable to utter a single word. I, for one, was paralyzed with fear. I had never seen anything like it, even in the movies. When it got closer, I realized it was not a planet. It was a spaceship with a gigantic mirror at its front, reflecting off the earth.

I could not think, speak, or do anything but watch this gigantic spaceship about the size of a city, lowering near the surface. I was sure that I was going to die that night. None of us could do anything to stop it. Everything was just a blur. The night and the sand made it near impossible to see anything but shapes and figures. Suddenly, I heard a loud crash that trembled me to my very core.

The ship probably had detached into several fleets. One of them landed on a hill just a few hundred metres from our block. The sound had come from the landing. It sent pieces of the rocks flying into the air. The crash had shaken the earth. At this point, I knew that they weren't friendly at all. They weren't here to explore new worlds but to conquer them. I was right.

The ship that had landed on the hill opened, and some tall sentinel beings jumped out. They were as tall as a cell phone tower, maybe just a little shorter than that, and they all had a long and heavy dual axe in their hands. I could only see the shape of them in a background of sand. One would think that nothing could be more terrifying than that, but there was. One of them lunged in the air and landed right in our street.

This sentinel being was so close to us, yet I couldn't see its features clearly, not because of the sandstorm. It was so because I was fear-struck and couldn’t even speak. My legs were trembling. That’s about when it all came to a close. This being started swinging its axe. I felt its blade hover over our house. Nothing that had happened so far was scarier than the sound of it just slashing the air. The last thing I remember is that I ran towards the opposite end of the terrace, screaming my kid brother’s name when everything just dissolved into nothing. I woke up, sweating and breathing like I had run five kilometres without stopping.

To this very day, I am utterly terrified of this nightmare. I've said this before. It felt so real that I think it wasn't just a dream. Maybe somewhere out in another universe, it all, in fact, happened. What I experienced were the final moments of the other me. His consciousness somehow travelled to our universe through a dream in an attempt to save itself. Or maybe, it was a premonition, a warning, a mere glimpse of the future. It doesn't make any sense, though, because we don't live in that house anymore. I know, nothing about this makes any sense, but I still always wonder—'Was it just a nightmare?’


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