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The Sting - XTales (Crime, Psychological, Suspense, 10-20 mins., Creepypasta)

A prank turns fatal, but that isn't all. There's more to what meets the eye. Reading time: 15 minutes. Now, also available on Wattpad and Pratilipi. SENSITIVE CONTENT WARNING! 1 The freezing cold whispers of the wind passed through the trees on both sides of a lonely road. The foggy silence clanged loudly on the road covered with snow. Then, a rattling noise broke this symphony of the winter. The sound came from the engine of a car. It suddenly died when the vehicle came to a screeching halt. And just like that, it went dead quiet again almost instantly. The person behind the steering wheel, a shabby, half-sleepy man, stared at the white figure on the road, squinting his eyes. His face was covered in a thick, greying beard, and his rugged clothes carried as much filth as the seat cover of his car. He couldn't see clearly for three reasons. One—it was still pretty dark. Two—the figure blended with the fog as if they were but one. The third was a secret the driver wa

Killer vs Killer - XTales (Thriller, Serial Killers, 10-20 mins, Creepypasta)

A serial killer breaks into a house. Then begins the chase of cat and mouse, the game of predator and prey. Reading time: 12 minutes. Now Also available on Wattpad and Pratilipi . Chapter One - The Chances There was something eerie about that evening. The wind was witnessing the gloom that covered the city. The street lights were trying to light up every dark corner. They were afraid if they failed, something sinister might develop. A stray dog was lurking in the street, looking for something to eat. It stopped to smell a piece of garbage beside the pedestrian path. It was trying to decide if it was edible just when its eyes lit, and its head jerked up in response to the sudden movement. I turned on the light in the living room and looked outside the window at the stray dog, who stared at me for a second and then went along to do whatever it was doing. I looked across the street and the hazy sky. It was so calm that one would not have suspected a thing before stepping out of the

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Killer vs Killer - XTales (Thriller, Serial Killers, 10-20 mins, Creepypasta)


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