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The Hunt

A farmer and his family were preparing to go to sleep when they were attacked by someone or something. Reading time: 13 minutes. The Hunt 1 The bright full moon shone on the village. It was a not-so-cold night of February. I had just finished my dinner and was singing my kids a lullaby. Their mother, my wife, sat on the opposite end of the bed, running her hands across my kids' foreheads, smiling. "...and all the tune that he could play, Was 'over the hills and far away." My cattle rested in the shed with my dog there to protect them. They felt safe together. There was little to no wind swaying across my fields of maize surrounding my farm. It was a quiet night, so my kids fell asleep rather quickly. I slowly faded down my voice to mere whispering and eventually stopped singing. “...over the hills and a great way off, The wind shall blow my top-knot off.” My kids were fast asleep. I ran my hand through their hair too, kissed on their foreheads, trying not to wak

The Krovosos Family

Arjun, the monster hunter, tries to solve the mystery of bloodless bodies, which everyone, at first, thought was the work of vampires but turns out to be something else. Reading time: 21 minutes. Attention to all science fiction lovers! Make sure to check out the website of a regular reader of , Daniel Chesler. He has written a novel and a novela. They are both available on amazon. Website: "Science fiction and urban fantasy with a dash of romance." Previously: The Bloodsuckers — The recent disappearances have garnered the attention of a college senior who suspects the involvement of vampires. & Cottage Number 13 — Two young YouTubers go on a life-changing adventure to a haunted cottage in a forest where they get trapped until a mysterious saviour arrives. ( Click here to see Arjun's whole chronology. ) The Krovosos Family Chapter One — Not a Vampire It was a serene night, calm, peaceful, and lonely. It was a beautiful nig

Keepers of the Knowledge

A strange tale of an alien, a time travelling woman and a man with a library of hidden knowledge, the tale of their adventure through a desert when they are chased by a mysterious phantom. Reading time: 15 minutes 25 seconds. Previously - An Evoking from the Stars – An alien lands in ancient Egypt and walks across the middle east following a signal, looking for someone. & The Creator and the Creation – Bela decides to fix the time machine that she found in her basement to go meet her father who went missing before she was born. Chapter One T he dry and hot desert was unwelcoming. The scorching heat was like hell-fire. The sun may as well have sucked the life out of any inhabitants right way instead of drying them up bit by bit. The hot winds were no comfort either. Every gust was like a slap to the face. Every shrug was a decree of death to the ears. The hot sand covered the land that one could see from their feet to the horizon. There was not a single tree in sight, a petty littl

The Bloodsuckers

The recent disappearances have garnered the attention of a college senior who suspects the involvement of vampires. Reading time: 15 minutes. The Bloodsuckers Chapter One — Halloween A van came to a stop on the bridge in the middle of the night. Two hooded figures dropped out. One of them stood guard while the other circled to the back and dragged out something long and heavy wrapped in heavy-duty plastic. The one who stood guard gave a hand. They picked it up and put it on the railing. The first one then got back into the van and started it just on time to cover the loud crashing of the dead body on the water. Before anyone could notice anything, the van had disappeared. October had arrived. The wind had a hint of the approaching winter. The days had started to fall short. People had not yet begun to react to this change, but the sun went down as early as five o'clock, and it was almost at the horizon that day when Ahmed, Vikram and Nina were sitting in a restaurant, killing t

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