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Keepers of the Knowledge

A strange tale of an alien, a time travelling woman and a man with a library of hidden knowledge, the tale of their adventure through a desert when they are chased by a mysterious phantom. Reading time: 15 minutes 25 seconds. Previously - An Evoking from the Stars – An alien lands in ancient Egypt and walks across the middle east following a signal, looking for someone. & The Creator and the Creation – Bela decides to fix the time machine that she found in her basement to go meet her father who went missing before she was born. Chapter One T he dry and hot desert was unwelcoming. The scorching heat was like hell-fire. The sun may as well have sucked the life out of any inhabitants right way instead of drying them up bit by bit. The hot winds were no comfort either. Every gust was like a slap to the face. Every shrug was a decree of death to the ears. The hot sand covered the land that one could see from their feet to the horizon. There was not a single tree in sight, a petty littl

Don't Consult a Witch

A girl is still hung up on her ex-boyfriend when a strange woman offers to help her out of her situation which she agrees to despite her friend's disapproval. Reading time: 9 minutes 2 seconds. “Y ou are not ready yet?” Meena asked Parul as soon as she entered her room. “Nah, I'm not going, you go ahead,” replied Parul without even looking at Meena. She was laying on the bed staring at the ceiling. “I don’t feel like going to a party.” "You are kidding, right? Parul is not feeling like going to a party?” Meena said as she looked into the mirror one more time, it was obvious that she had been doing that all evening. She held her head at every angle to check if her makeup was alright, turned to sides to look at her dress. Flipped her hair a bit and then finally when she looked at Parul who was still in bed in her pyjamas, still staring at the ceiling, she got a bit concerned. “What’s wrong dear? Are you sick?” “No, no, I'm not sick.” Meena walked up to her, sat beside h

Cottage Number 13

Two young YouTubers go on a life-changing adventure to a haunted cottage in a forest where they get trapped until a mysterious saviour arrives. Reading time: 17 minutes. Chapter One — Poking Around Dead Things "H ello guys, welcome back to our channel Mid-Night Mysteries," said Tammy, pointing the camera at himself. "As you can see, we have finally arrived at cottage number 13. Phew! Honestly, guys, it wasn't easy; the travel alone was exhausting. Back there, you can see Ash unpacking our bags. We are gonna take a good nap before we set up our equipment, but before that, let me show you guys around." He stood up and started pointing his Handycam all around the cottage. It was an old cottage. The dust had covered everything, including the floor and the wooden furniture. The lanterns on the walls were evidence that nobody had rented this cottage for quite a long time. Ash was now lighting up those lanterns while Tammy walked out. "Let me take you outside.

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