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The Chronicles of Globozuria — Chapter One — Avadhaan

The first chapter of a space fantasy series, introducing the lead character Avadhaan. Reading time: 15 minutes. The Chronicles of Globozuria Chapter One - Avadhaan 1. He was walking on land that once was a paradise. Now, it was just smoke and dust. He was dragging his half-alive caricature amongst the echoes of death and destruction. This was once his hometown; he had grown up here. Now, there was nothing left but the ashes of his childhood. It had been long since the war ended, but nothing had changed. The soldier's army had surrendered, but the chieftain of the enemy army assumed command of the entire planet and ordered the survivors to be executed. He had been on the run ever since. The soldiers of the supreme leader had been looking everywhere for survivors. They had deployed killer droids. He and his comrades were hunted like wild animals to be killed on sight. While they were forced to run and hide, the innocent citizens were crushed under the supreme leader’s tyra

Arjun Warrior | Chronology

Arjun Warrior, 28, the elder son of a billionaire, is a student of science turned paranormal investigator, researcher, and a ghost & monster hunter.

His family doesn't know his secret. He gave up the position of the CEO to his younger brother, never appeared in public or in front of media in order to maintain his anonymity.

Often, he teams up with Mansi, the only living member of an ancient secret society called 'The Keepers of the Knowledge', sometimes called simply 'The Keepers'.

Keep reading to find out more about him and his past that made him give up his life and become a warrior, fighting against the dark.

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  • The centre thread, consisting of stories with a downwards arrow (↓) next to them, is the main timline, top to bottom, in order of their publication.

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  • The stories on the left with a southeast arrow (↘) after them, are preludes or predecessors, concluding with or preceding the tale in the main timline immediately below them.

  • The stories on the right with a southeast arrow (↘) before them, are spin-offs or successors, sprouting from or following the tale in the main timline immediately above them.

 Cottage Number 13 (8 November 2020) ↓

The Bloodsuckers (18 October 2020) ↘

The Krovosos Family (1 December 2020) ↓

The Companion (15 September 2020) ↘

Beneath the Surface (27 April 2021) 


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