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A man, fed up with his life, walks out at night to end it but ends up in a secret place where his life changes forever. Reading time: 17 minutes. Masks Chapter One — Not Allowed to be Normal "S o, got any plans for tonight?" asked Charlie. "Nah, just the usual. Falling asleep on the couch in front of the TV," Stanley replied in a tired voice. "Come on," said Charlie, picking up a king and placing it on an empty slot. He was playing solitaire on his computer instead of working. "It's Friday night, and Halloween is coming. I think it's gonna be twice as crazy out there tonight." "This is Crime City, Charlie. Every night here is Halloween night, and crazy is kinda your thing. I'm good at normal," Stanley said without looking at Charlie, who was sitting on his right. He was instead focused on the report he had to submit before the end of the day. "Exactly, this is Crime City, and nobody is allowed to be normal here. This


A silent, deadly, invisible vigilante organization the Shadows. Chapter 1 Crime-city C rime-City. That’s what they called it. Even though it had a real name but nobody remembered it, not even the ones who’s ancestors had founded the City. The name was the important part because the founders were all criminals, drug lords, and mafia. They wanted a place where they can camouflage their businesses and the name was the first step. A few decades ago, some of the most notorious crime families of different cities came together at this place which was just a small town and a pier. There was no trace of any human habitat up to three hundred miles in any of the three directions, the fourth one was the sea. They set up their homes and fake businesses. The other drugs and weapons dealers caught the waft of a new city where they didn’t have to worry about law enforcement agencies. Soon everybody was migrating to this new city. Some realtors thought this was a fair chance to hide their corr

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