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Broken Pieces

A heart wrenching story of two lovers-turned-enemies, one of them is a drug lord and the other works for a secret organization. Reading time: 26 minutes. Previously - The End and the Beginning — The serial killer is back. He is out killing again and it's up to Roy to catch and stop him . ( See the full chronology ) Chapter One The night was singing a beautiful lullaby as if it was trying to make everyone go to a peaceful sleep, trying to make them drift away into a dreamy world, heaven without any worries of their busy lives or responsibilities. Everything was as quiet as it could be. The wind tip-toed above the lazy and sleepy city. It knew the people only had a few hours before they had to get back to the race. Preeti circled the house one last time, checking everything. She was sure that she had locked every door and window but one can’t be too careful, she thought. The house was in complete dark, everything was at rest. Even the air seemed to have stopped. Preeti walked past

The End and the Beginning

The serial killer is back. He is out killing again and it's up to Roy to catch and stop him. Reading time: 15 minutes 8 seconds. Previously - Killer vs Killer & Shadows Chapter One  The Night O h, night. Moonless night, dark and quiet. The kind of night that brings fear to people's hearts and joy to his. He was strolling around the dark street. The night was calling. Oh, it’s been months, he thought, since I played that little game with that killer. I doubt if it’s going to be that much fun but I'll make the best of the situation, I always do. He looked at the house, it was dark. Of course, he thought, he is at the office and probably thinking about what he is doing with his life, thinking that it would be better if he died. I might relieve him from his burden of breathing tonight. He sneaked into the house from the back door. He circled the house, took his time getting comfortable as if he was back home after a long time. He turned on the light of the living room, an


A man, fed up with his life, walks out at night to end it but ends up in a secret place where his life changes forever. Reading time: 17 minutes. Masks Chapter One — Not Allowed to be Normal "S o, got any plans for tonight?" asked Charlie. "Nah, just the usual. Falling asleep on the couch in front of the TV," Stanley replied in a tired voice. "Come on," said Charlie, picking up a king and placing it on an empty slot. He was playing solitaire on his computer instead of working. "It's Friday night, and Halloween is coming. I think it's gonna be twice as crazy out there tonight." "This is Crime City, Charlie. Every night here is Halloween night, and crazy is kinda your thing. I'm good at normal," Stanley said without looking at Charlie, who was sitting on his right. He was instead focused on the report he had to submit before the end of the day. "Exactly, this is Crime City, and nobody is allowed to be normal here. This

The Shadows - XTales (Crime, Suspense, Series, 20-40 mins., Creepypasta)

A mysterious killer has terrified the criminals of Crime-City. Dead bodies are dropping every night. It will be the worst time to visit, and a girl does precisely that. Reading time: 29 minutes. Now, also available on Wattpad and Pratilipi. SENSITIVE CONTENT WARNING! Chapter One  Crime-City The night was quiet, and the wind tiptoed around the pier where a dozen men were busy unloading unmarked packages from a boat into a van. The name on the board was as old as the city itself, Crime-City. They called it so because no one remembered the actual name, not even the descendants of the founders. The men did their jobs well without stopping for a second even to chat. They worked in complete silence as if they didn't want to bother the sleeping city, not that they cared. It was night, and the night in Crime-City belonged to the criminals. They weren't worried about the police. Why would they be? The city had a system. What they should have been worried about was a hooded fi

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