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A new shared dreaming console 'Dreamscape' has come out and it has got the whole world addicted to it but there's a dark secret involved that nobody knows about. Reading time: 27.895 minutes. Previously - Don't Let Her See My Face Chapter One  Dreams Come True T he dense forest reeked of gunpowder and blood. The thick air was covered in smoke. It was still awfully quiet. He was listening attentively, hiding in the bushes behind a tree. His eyes were open looking for anything that might pose a threat. His ears were trying to catch every single little sound that could be of the enemy. He was breathing slowly, not trying for it to be heard even by himself. Then the radio chimed. “Alpha, do you see anyone?” He pressed the button on his walkie-talkie. “No, it’s quiet but there’s gotta be somebody left, stay sharp.” Then he saw a movement. A bush in the farthest corner of his vision was moving. There was somebody in the bushes. “I’ve eyes on the enemy. Northwest, in the bush

Don't Let Her See My Face

A woman is trapped in a dark, unknown and a strange place haunted by her thoughts and the memories of her past until a stranger arrives to help. Reading time: 34.695 minutes. Inspired by Chapter One Lost  W hy is it so dark in here? She thought. Why is it so, she looked around, quiet and deserted? She was walking down a street which looked familiar. There wasn't anyone else and there was not a single light but everything was still visible. Where is this light coming from? She wondered. Everything was glowing with an ambience that it was difficult to locate the source of light. It looked like the time of evening when there is no sun in the sky but everything still glows with light reflecting off the red sky except the sky was dark. Pitch black, no stars either. She had no idea where she was or who she was. She walked further on the street and reached the intersection. There were no street lights or traffic lights, there was not a single living thing in

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