The Hunt

A farmer and his family are preparing to go to sleep on a peaceful night when they are attacked by someone or something. Reading time: 12 minutes. The Hunt 1 T he bright full moon shone on the village. It was a not-so-cold night of February. I had just finished my dinner and was singing my kids a lullaby. Their mother, my wife sat on the opposite end of the bed running her hands across my kids’ foreheads, smiling. “...and all the tune that he could play Was ‘over the hills and far away” My cattle rested in the shed with my dog there to protect them. They felt safe together. There was little to no wind swaying across my fields of maize surrounding my farm. It was a quiet night so my kids fell asleep rather quickly. I slowly faded down my voice to mere whispering and eventually stopped singing.  “...over the hills and a great way off, The wind shall blow my top-knot off.” My kids were fast asleep. I too ran my hand through their hair, kissed on their foreheads, trying not to wake them up

Broken Pieces

A heart wrenching story of two lovers-turned-enemies, one of them is a drug lord and the other works for a secret organization. Reading time: 26 minutes. Previously - The End and the Beginning — The serial killer is back. He is out killing again and it's up to Roy to catch and stop him . ( See the full chronology ) Chapter One The night was singing a beautiful lullaby as if it was trying to make everyone go to a peaceful sleep, trying to make them drift away into a dreamy world, heaven without any worries of their busy lives or responsibilities. Everything was as quiet as it could be. The wind tip-toed above the lazy and sleepy city. It knew the people only had a few hours before they had to get back to the race. Preeti circled the house one last time, checking everything. She was sure that she had locked every door and window but one can’t be too careful, she thought. The house was in complete dark, everything was at rest. Even the air seemed to have stopped. Preeti walked past

The Krovosos Family

Arjun tries to solve the mystery of bloodless bodies which everyone at first thought was the work of vampires but turns out to be something else. Reading time 20 minutes 49 seconds. Attention to all science fiction lovers! Make sure to check out the website of a regular reader of, Daniel Chesler. He has written a novel and a novela. They are both available on amazon. Website: "Science fiction and urban fantasy with a dash of romance." Previously- Bloodsuckers – A college senior suspects that vampires are behind the recent disappearances but his roommate is too busy with his girlfriend to pay attention so he decides to solve the mystery by himself. & Cottage Number 13 – Two young YouTubers go on a life-changing adventure to a haunted cottage in a forest. ( Click here to see Arjun's whole chronology ) Chapter One Not a Vampire I t was a serene night. Calm, peaceful and lonely. It was a beautiful night to go out. There was no traff

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