A new shared dreaming console 'Dreamscape' has come out and it has got the whole world addicted to it but there's a dark secret involved that nobody knows about.

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Previously - Don't Let Her See My Face

Chapter One 
Dreams Come True

Dreams Come True

The dense forest reeked of gunpowder and blood. The thick air was covered in smoke. It was still awfully quiet. He was listening attentively, hiding in the bushes behind a tree. His eyes were open looking for anything that might pose a threat. His ears were trying to catch every single little sound that could be of the enemy. He was breathing slowly, not trying for it to be heard even by himself. Then the radio chimed.

“Alpha, do you see anyone?”

He pressed the button on his walkie-talkie.

“No, it’s quiet but there’s gotta be somebody left, stay sharp.”

Then he saw a movement. A bush in the farthest corner of his vision was moving. There was somebody in the bushes.

“I’ve eyes on the enemy. Northwest, in the bushes."

“I see him. Bravo, can you get him?”

There was no answer from Bravo.

“Bravo, you there? Alpha, do you see bravo?”

“No,” he replied, “Maybe he woke up. His mom wakes him up early.”

“Delta, you have to move in.”

Another voice spoke on the radio.

"Yeah, I'm already in. There's the whole squad down there.”

Before anything else could happen before he or anyone could do anything. They heard firing. The enemy squad had opened fire on them. A bullet perforated his shoulder. The pain spread through his arm to his whole body. He hid behind the tree. He could hear the bullets raining on the tree. Then he heard a cry from Charlie.

“Ah, I'm down.”

“Alpha can you get to Charlie?”

“Not until you do something about this. Where did he get a machine gun from?”

“Hold on.”

Then a suppressed shot of a sniper was heard on the radio and the firing stopped.

“Now! Go! Go! Go!”

He ran towards Charlie. He was almost there but the enemy fired again. A bullet penetrated his leg and he fell face down in the dirt. He saw defeat just a few inches away from him but suddenly he heard a loud cheer on the radio.


Delta spoke.

“Wait, is that Bravo?”

They didn’t need to confirm because Bravo had just appeared out of nowhere. They heard the revving of an engine and saw a jeep flying above them towards the enemy. Bravo jumped out of the jeep mid-air and landed right next to him. The jeep slammed on a tree near the enemy squad. Bravo then helped him get up.

“Where were you?” he asked furiously.

“Sorry, Kinda got lost. This Dreamscape is amazing!”

“They helped Charlie, who, at the first chance he got to speak, uttered, “Perfect! You gave them a vehicle to escape.”

“Don’t worry, they are not goin' anywhere!” Bravo answered and then he took out a remote and pressed a button on it.

An explosion echoed through the forest and the jeep was blown into pieces. They heard Delta.

“Three down. Great job guys. Now focus, only one left.”

They all got up to finish the enemy but everything around him split into glowing tiny blue crystals floating away in the darkness. A computerized voice spoke.

“Attention! Dreamscape is shutting down in ten, nine, eight-”

“Oh no,” He said with disappointment.

Everything went dark. It was pitch black before he heard his mother.

“Wake up, you're gonna be late for school.”

He opened his eyes, sat up on the bed and said lazily.

“I was just about to win.”

His mother had already walked out of the room. He took a helmet connected with dozens of wires off his head and placed it on the shiny blue-black console right next to his bed, got up and went to get ready for school.

After he left for school and his mother was finished making breakfast for everyone, she went into her son's room, picked up the console and brought it to her room. She then put the helmet on her head, powered up the console and laid on the bed. After a few minutes, she was sound asleep. She saw nothing except darkness for those minutes and then those blue crystals reappeared and formed what looked like a plane floating in the vastness of the dark. The computerized voice spoke again.

“Welcome to Dreamscape, what would you like to explore?”

“Um- I'm looking for my friend, is she here yet?”

Instead of the computerized voice, her friend spoke.

“Oh, you are here.”

“Hey, how was your morning? Wait, why can’t I see you?”

“I don’t know. I can’t see you either. Wait, uh- Dreamscape, I can’t see my friend, a little help here.”

As her friend finished, she saw her appear on the floating plane. They both saw each other and smiled cheerfully.

“Hey, there you are,” her friend said.

“You are getting hang of this.”

“Yeah, my son taught me how to use it. I gotta tell you it’s worth every penny.”

“Right? We can meet each other every day. We could only see each other once or twice a year before this. It’s amazing!”

“So what would you like to explore?” her friend said playfully mimicking the computerized voice.

“Let’s sit somewhere and talk. Somewhere peaceful.”

“Okay, um- Dreamscape, can you take us to someplace remote and peaceful, please?”

Before they could even blink, blue crystals appeared and took the form of a cottage deep in a forest by a stream with a wooden bridge on it. They could see the setting sun at the horizon, the whole place was filled with calmness and heavenly luminance. They both let out a soft sound of euphoria. They walked around and then sat near the stream, later in the cottage. They had lost the track of time. They spent what felt like hours to them, talking. Then they finally said goodbye and promised to meet again the next day and left.

She woke up with a smile on her face. It had only been a couple of hours. That afternoon, her husband returned from work and he after freshening up went straight to the bedroom, put on the helmet and went into Dreamscape.

And this was the routine of millions of people around the world after ‘Illusions Inc.’ launched their new console 'Dreamscape’ four months ago. With this console, everyone could experience the joy of lucid and shared dreaming. First, it baffled the people, they couldn’t believe that something like that could happen but in just a month the news of a dreaming device spread like a pandemic across the globe. The device took people to their dreams and not alone. Now every family had got a Dreamscape which they used as an escape from their realities. Kids used it mostly to play online roleplaying games. Elders used it to meet their friends and family living thousands of miles from them. Someone was living their dream life as a celebrity, other was realizing their fantasies. Everyone had got addicted to this new device and the best thing was that they didn’t have to take extra time out of their routine to explore the Dreamscape. They could do it while they were asleep. Parents didn’t stop their kids from using it all night. For all they cared about, it was way better than staring at a screen, at least their eyes were not at expanse anymore.

This insane popularity of Dreamscape took the company to its new heights. Their stock prices rocketed within months. Illusions Inc. rose to the top in no time.

That evening, she woke her husband up.

“Come on, it’s about to start,” she said.

“Oh my god, I was planning to go in for just an hour,” her husband said, taking off the helmet and running behind her to the living room.

“There’s no sense of time in there,” he said while he sat on the couch in the living room in front of the television, “sometimes it’s just an hour out here and many down there, other times it’s the exact opposite.”

“I know, last night I was in there for like an hour or so and next thing I know mom woke me up,” said the young boy who was sitting right next to him.

The whole family was there in front of the television. It looked like they were waiting for something. There was an advertisement running on the television but there was a prompt at the bottom which read, ‘Let’s Talk Science, coming up.’

After a few minutes, the program started. They all sat upright looking straight at the television. The host of the program was a very handsome young man who wore a dark blue suit. His hair was perfectly set and they were reflecting off the studio lights. He had a charming smile on his face.

“Welcome to Let’s Talk Science,” he spoke, “my name is Josh and tonight I have a very special guest for you. The man who changed the world. The man who we all have been waiting for, please welcome Mr John Phantom, CEO of Illusions Inc.”

Everybody in the studio applauded when another young man entered on stage. He had mid-long hair, a sharp triangular face and he was smiling at the audience. He wore a dark suit which was so shiny its creases were reflecting lights off them. He shook Josh's hand. They both stood facing the cameras.

“Mr Phantom, welcome to the show," said Josh.

“Thank you and please call me John.”

“John, thank you very much. Finally, you are here.”

“Finally,” John repeated.

“Please take a seat.”

They both sat on the chairs behind them. Everybody applauded once again and when it went quiet, Josh asked his question.

“Well, so as we all know that the Dreamscape is immensely popular among people, I mean come on, you can share dreams, who wouldn’t love it? But my question is that did you expect this? Did you expect this kind of reaction from people? I mean how did you feel about it then and how do you feel about it now?”

John looked away in the air for a second when he formulated his thoughts.

“Um-” then he looked at Josh and spoke, “I did actually, I mean as you said it’s a dreaming device, first of it’s kind so yeah I did expect a unique kind of reaction from people but not this much- I mean, we- we had a goal, that in one year, we'll reach every house, every family, at least in the country but in just three months, we went international. Every family has one now. It’s like television. You know we thought of organizing this interview on Dreamscape so everyone could see it live and it would be a milestone in the history of entertainment but unfortunately, only one person can use the Dreamscape at a time and not all families can afford separate consoles for every member of the family."

“Right, and because our show is about science, we are all curious about the principles on which this device works, we all want to know how Dreamscape works. If you would like to throw some light on that.”

John chuckled.

“Ah- honestly, I don’t know. Not exactly. I mean I know that our brain generates some electrical signals, very faint, impossible to read but it does and Dreamscape somehow reads those signals and transmits them to the network and receives the signals transmitted by the network. How this happens, it's still a mystery. But I can help you understand the interface of the Dreamscape. We have hundreds of lucid dreamers always connected to the network and we have uploaded thousands of AI consciousness to help you draw your dreams and help you explore anything you want. You might be wondering what the hell an AI consciousness is, right? Let me explain, any lucid dreamer can leave behind an instance of his self, like an astral projection of his mind, thoughts and memories. Like a clone, if you will. This acts as his presence in the network when he is not physically connected to the network. There could be multiple instances of one's self. We call them AI because they are not the actual person, they can be programmed in any way their creator wants, he can do it in his head if he is a good lucid dreamer. This AI helps our users to draw their dreams, they can call any of these AIs to help them. We are offering jobs to any lucid dreamer who can successfully create these instances, they don't have to come to our headquarters, they can do the job from anywhere in the world. And that's how, Josh, the Dreamscape works. I can only tell you this much. Anything else beyond that, I can’t explain, the mind behind this, the person who designed the prototype is no longer with us.

“Yes, Dr Vivek Rastogi, may his soul rest in peace, John, in all seriousness, this device was originally meant to help brain dead people right? How did it make it to the Virtual Reality Systems?”

“Uh- that-” John thought for a second. He wasn’t smiling now. Then, “that is a bit complicated. We funded his research.”

“But how did you two meet, he was a doctor and you were developing VR systems?”

“Yeah, that is the complicated part. We were just- I don't know, at the right place at the right time. He told me about his research and that no institute would fund his research because it cost a lot and there were high chances that it might fail. And you see I am an investor, if I see an opportunity, I grab it even if it could end up in loss. I mean a few millions for a next-generation dreaming device, it was worth it. So we funded his research, though it failed and it took his and his partner’s lives but in his will, Dr Rastogi, left the prototype and all of his research to Illusions Inc. We were surprised. We formed another research team, worked on it for two months and improved it a bit so it could be used for VR systems. Though it has no use in medical science whatsoever.”

This time Josh paused for a second thinking something.

“You say it failed, but according to our information, a patient was saved.”

"Yes, that's true. A woman who was in a coma was brought back by Dr Rastogi but that’s the incident that caused his death. And now no one else knows how he did it and they can’t possibly risk somebody else's life trying to do this again successfully. So they shut it down. Maybe somewhere in the future, it will be possible but sadly, not now, not today."

Josh looked satisfied. The least he could be anyway. He asked him a few more questions and when the program ended, John left the studio, covered in sweat. He got in his car and instructed the driver to take him straight to home. He drifted into his thoughts while the car was on the highway speeding towards his home.

Dr Vivek Rastogi, how long will he haunt me for? He thought. He had stalled this interview for four months to avoid talking about him but still, he clung to him like a shadow. And he doubted that the interviewer had suspected that he was lying. I have to take care of it, he made up his mind.

When he stepped out of his car in front of his villa, he instantly spoke to his manager who was already waiting for him. John didn’t take him to the studio with him because he was handling something John had asked him to.

“Who was the interviewer?”

“Wait- what? Why?”

John looked at him. He looked angry. He didn’t like telling people anything twice and certainly not being asked questions.

“I’m s- sorry,” the manager stuttered, “Josh- uh- something.”

John looked at his manager and said,

“Kill him,” and walked away casually as he had just ordered him to get coffee or something. 

Chapter Two


A few days later when John was enjoying the morning coffee reading newspaper by the pool, his eyes caught the news of the death of a famous talk show's host. He scanned the rest of the newspaper quickly and lazily threw it on the coffee table. He closed his eyes, leaned back in his chair and let out a deep breath. He had plans for the day but at the moment he just wanted to lay back and rest. He had not been sleeping much for the last few weeks so he was always tired and sort of angry at almost everyone. He wasn’t expecting anyone so when his manager walked in, he asked angrily. 

“What now?”

“Uh- it’s Gukovsky, he denied our terms.”

“Of course he did. That’s what he does.”

“He is blackmailing us.”

John stood up.

“Ugh- that bastard! Did you do what I told you to do?”

“I tried. I couldn’t find anything. He doesn’t use Dreamscape. He doesn’t trust you.”

John chuckled.

“Ha, at least he's not stupid. There’s gotta be somebody.”

“Yes. There’s this prostitute, Ruby, she uses dreamscape. She bought it for her daugh-”

John interrupted.

“I don’t CARE ABOUT THAT DAMN HOOKER, tell me about Gukovsky.”

“Uh- sh- she is- ugh- Gukovsky is her regular.”

A smiled appeared on John's face.

“Ah, now why didn’t you lead with that? Call Gukovsky, ask him to meet me in my office.”

John patted his face and walked away.

That day John reached his office followed by his manager to find one of her two assistants missing. He asked the one who was present.

“Where’s the other one?”

“Oh- uh- she- she called in sick this morning.”

John said nothing, he just nodded but when he entered his office he turned to his manager and said,

“Fire that bitch, hire a new one.”

"Okay, sir. These are the f-”

The manager began but John gestured him to go away without looking at him. The manager walked out of the door leaving John alone in his office.

A few moments later, his assistant buzzed.

"Sir, Mr Gukovsky is here.”

“Send him in.”

John sat upright and ready to greet Gukovsky with his charming fake smile. The door opened and Dr Vivek Rastogi walked in.

John woke up. He let out a deep relaxed breath when he realized that it was a dream. Then his assistant buzzed, for real this time.

"Sir, Mr Gukovsky is here.”

“Yeah, send him in.”

A tall fat man walked in. He too wore a suit like John and he had a big moustache on his face which completely covered his mouth when he spoke.

“Ah, Phantom, I see you have built yourself a fancy office.”

“Hello, Gukovsky, it’s been a while. Come on sit. Would you like a drink?”

“You know I won’t breath the air in your office much less drink anything.”


“Let’s get to the point, we both know you won’t kill me here in your office, so why did you call me here? What do you want?”

“Kill you?” John said, “Come on Gukovsky, I don’t wanna kill you. You are my man.”

“I can’t do business with you.”

“Why not?”

“Isn’t it obvious? You have become famous now, you are too high profile, everyone knows you, it’s risky for my business.”

“Come on now, you are being ridiculous. Like no one famous is involved in drugs.”

“Well it’s not drugs, it’s different. Crime City is not just about drugs and weapons. It’s human blood for god’s sake. If there’s anything my clients require, it’s privacy. I just got lucky that Assassin guy didn’t target my deals.”

“Come on Gukovsky, you are not being reasonable.”

“I can’t do it. That’s it.”

“Okay, I tried.”

Gukovsky stood up and started to leave.

“Say hello to Ruby.”

Gukovsky stopped and turned.

“What did you say?”

“You heard me.”

"Oh, you bas-"

Gukovsky started to charge towards John but John stood calm and said,

"I wonder what your wife would say about the relationship you have with Ruby."

Gukovsky stopped but kept looking at John with angry eyes and flaring nostrils.

“You wanna break my house, my family. Go ahead. Do it. It's not gonna affect my business.”

“Oh not directly, but I hear your wife’s brothers have a reputation in underworld. I wonder what they would do if they find out.”

Gukovsky didn’t say anything. He just stood there staring at John.

“Relax, I'm not gonna say anything to anybody. Now, why don't you go and when my next consignment comes you do your job the way you are supposed to.” John said waving his hand.

Gukovsky stared at him for a second then he turned and left.

“Good boy,” said John.

John spent the rest of his day in his office trying to take a nap. He kept waking up. He never saw Dr Rastogi though. When the night approached, when he was just about to leave his manager walked in followed by his assistant and a woman John had not met before.

“nuh-uh, I'm just leaving,” said John.

“No, it’s the new assistant, wanted you to meet her before you left,” the manager said.

“Oh, alright.”

“This is Niorun.”

The woman smiled and offered a hand but John ignored it.

“Oh, good. Great! See you two tomorrow.”

Then he left the office. The manager followed him but before that, he quickly looked at Niorun and said,

“Don’t mind him, he is just-”

"It's okay," Niorun said smiling.

She kept smiling even after John and his manager left.

For the next few days, John didn't sleep at all. As a result, he kept shouting at people everywhere. He almost made the other assistant cry. But Niorun kept smiling even when John shouted at her on top of his lungs. His manager said a few curse words behind his back. On Friday night, John was at his villa, he planned to go to sleep early. He hadn’t slept all week, his eyes had sunken in their sockets and turned red. Black circles appeared under them. His face looked like he was on drugs. He didn’t care about anything right now, he filled a glass with water and gulped it down in one go, he couldn’t even notice the difference in taste. He then fell onto his bed. He was so tired that he couldn’t see a Dreamscape console sitting right by his bed.

John was enjoying his drink, shaking his head to the music. It’s been months since he had been to a club. He was finally refreshed. Someone tapped his shoulder. He turned and almost spilt his drink, it was Dr Vivek Rastogi.

He got out of the club as soon as he could. Where is my car? He thought. He waved at a taxi which stopped a few feet ahead of him. He walked up to it and looked inside.

Dr Rastogi smiled at him and gestured him to come in. He looked at the driver and almost lost his stomach. Dr was driving the taxi too. How is this possible? He asked himself. He took a few steps back and started running at full speed. When he stopped he was drenched in sweat and was breathing heavily.

"Hey, you okay there?"

John looked at his left at the doctor who was standing by the road. John lost it. He was so scared that he fell on the road. The doctor started walking towards him. He crawled backwards. His eyes were fixed on the doctor and he couldn’t see the bus speeding towards him.

John woke up. He looked around. He was in his bedroom. He was soaked in sweat but he was relaxed. Then suddenly,

“So you woke up,” said the doctor sitting on a chair right beside him.

John screamed.

Chapter Three
You Get What You Deserve

You Get What You Deserve

John fell off the bed onto the floor of his bedroom. He was so terrified, that he couldn’t utter a word. He just screamed on top of his lungs. No one heard him. Why wasn't anyone coming for his help? Where was his security guard? He crawled on the floor up to the wall behind him. His back was now on the wall and that gave him a little strength to pick himself up. He was still shaking but he managed to fumble out a few words. 

“Ho- how- how is th- this pos- possible? Yo- you ar- you are dea- dead.”

“Why are you so scared John?” said the doctor, “You weren’t scared when you took advantage of my misery huh? You weren’t scared when you forged my fake will, bought my lawyer or when you send all those people in the Dreamscape even though you knew well that they would die.”

“No, this- this isn’t- this isn’t real. You are dead. You are- you are not real.”

“Are you sure?” the doctor smiled.

John shut his eyes and put his hands on his face, he was muttering that this wasn’t real. He was trying to wake up and he did.

He was lying in his bed, soaked in sweat, trembling with fear. He didn’t dare to even move his eyes. He waited. He stayed in the bed waiting for the doctor to say something but there was nobody to say anything. John sat upright.


He realized he was thirsty. He slowly got out of the bed went into the kitchen. He opened the fridge and looked for a bottle of water. There was none. It’s alright, he thought. He took an empty glass, held it under the tap and turned the head. Nothing. What? He thought. His throat was now completely dry. It was getting harder for him to breathe. What is happening? He asked.


John turned. The doctor was offering him a bottle full of water but John ran in the opposite direction. It was dark so he tripped and fell on the carpet. He started crying.

“Please, let me go. What is happening to me? Why are you doing this to me?"

He couldn’t stop crying. He was looking down at the carpet and mostly was speaking to himself and that’s why he couldn’t see when a figure walked up to him and stood above him.

“You son of a bitch, you have no idea at all, do you?”

This was a woman’s voice. John stopped crying and looked up. The woman snapped her fingers and the room lit up. John put his hand on his eyes and after a few seconds when his eyes got adjusted to the light, he looked at the woman.



Niorun grabbed him by his hair, pulled him up and threw him away. John stumbled a few steps backwards. He looked at Niorun with utter confusion.

“What is happening?” he asked.

“You haven’t figured it out yet?” Niorun retorted, “You are in the Dreamscape you scum.”


“Yes. I drugged the water you drank before going to bed. I knew you wouldn’t sleep without that. Yes. I know about your insomnia. I've been watching you for a long time John, it’s time you pay for what you did to all those people, for abusing Vivek’s greatest invention. Yes, I know you have been ordering your lucid dreamers to spy on people, look into their memories, exploiting your enemies' weaknesses.

John knew his secrets were out. He was looking at Niorun but he wasn’t scared now but alert.

“Who are you?” he asked.

“I am the woman Vivek saved from the coma. And he sacrificed his life for that. The worst part is that I didn’t even remember him. He had told me that. I just woke up without any memory of my saviour. But after two months, your company launched the Dreamscape and you credited Vivek for his invention. His face was everywhere. That’s when I remembered him. It was like I fell into a dark pit which never ended. I remembered every single thing that went down there when I was in a coma. I remembered that he died for me. Guilt took over me. I could not face myself.”

Niorun was walking around the room without paying any attention to John who was standing still, he just turned his head wherever Niorun went.

“I just bought the Dreamscape to honour Vivek’s memory and for just one more reason. I could see my daughter. I could go back into my memories and live those moments again and again. But one day I kinda lost my way and ended up in someone else’s memory. That’s when I realized I could go into anybody's memories who was connected to the network. If I could do it so could any lucid dreamer and that’s how I stumbled upon your sneaky little spies who were looking into other people’s memories. I ended up into Vivek’s lawyer's mind and I found out about you.”

Niorun and John were looking at each with disgust and hatred. Niorun continued.

"I tried to look into your mind to find the rest but you weren't connected. I waited for you but you never came down here. I had to go to the bottom of this. I had to do something. So I started manipulating people around you just like you did. I got myself the job of your assistant so I could sneak into your office and your house. Tonight, as you went to bed after drinking that water. I connected you to the network.”

“You looked into my mind?”

“Oh, I looked into everything. I know you to the core. At first, I thought you were just some reckless businessman but you are a psychopath. You manipulated Vivek to get your hands on his invention. He wanted it to be destroyed after death. You stole his work.”

“His work was busted. It didn’t even work.”

This was the first time John had spoken without any fear since Niorun showed up.

“I lost too many people because of his incomplete work. I fixed it.”

“You didn’t fix it. You just got lucky. You had to connect your people through a network because it was easier for you to get rid of the bodies from your kill house in Crime City than the research lab in your headquarter. It wasn't like you cared about them. The device is still faulty. Two people still can’t connect to the same device without any of them dying.”

"Well, I did manage to get it working. I earned this. And no matter what you say or do you can’t keep me here forever. Somebody will come into my bedroom and turn off the device.”

Niorun laughed.

"Are you really that stupid? I did tell you that I drugged your water, didn't I? For that, I had to be at your house."

Fear took over John's face.

“No,” he said.

“Yes. I am in your bedroom. We are both connected to the same device.”


John screamed and fell on his knees. He knew what that meant. Only one of them could go out now. The other one will die.

“I modified my device a bit to connect two persons. Now you will pay for everything you did. You will pay for the death of all those people that you killed sending them in the Dreamscape and all those people you slaughtered in your kill house to harvest their organs and sell their blood. I don’t know what kind of sick wannabe vampires are into that shit but it ends now.”

John started crying again.

“No, please no. Don’t do this. You can’t do this to me. You won’t. I know you won’t. You are not a killer. Please show mercy on me.”

“You don’t know a thing about me. The truth is that I am a killer. I have killed once before.”

John looked up at her face to confirm if she was telling the truth.

“Yes. I killed the murderer of my daughter. He deserved it. Just like you. But you are right, I won’t kill you.”

“You won’t?”

“No, it’s too easy for you. I know a place just perfect for you. But before that, I am putting up a firewall in the network. I'll leave an instance of my consciousness behind which will prevent everyone to look into anyone’s memories without their permission. I will be the guard of their dreams and memories.”

Niorun finished. She looked at John Phantom who was curled up on the floor hoping someone would save him but there wasn't anyone to save him. He didn't deserve to be saved. Then Niorun grabbed his arm and everything around them dissolved into darkness. They both were falling in an endless dark pit.

A few seconds later or maybe a few minutes or hours, their feet touched a ground made of darkness. John fell onto the ground just he did on his carpet. He then looked up into the vast darkness. There wasn’t anything to see anywhere.

“Where am I?” he asked but he stopped to think something and, “Who am I?” he added.

“Exactly,” said Niorun, “You won’t remember anything, not even yourself because you are in a coma. If your people pity you they will disconnect you from the Dreamscape otherwise you will be here forever. That’s what you deserve.”

Niorun disappeared into the darkness leaving John behind into the vast, never-ending darkness where he would be stuck forever,

or would he?

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