Lithobolia: The Stone Throwing Devil

My report on some weird cases of stone rains across the globe.
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Lithobolia: The Stone Throwing Devil xtalesnet Suraj Singh Sisodia beastboysuraj

I’m sort of a wannabe paranormal researcher, and I always wanted to travel across the country in search of the unnatural. I don’t remember how I got interested in this line of research, but it has fascinated me ever since I was just a little kid. We had a subscription to this magazine named 'Tell Me Why?'. Each issue used to have a theme. Once, it was all about ghosts and the paranormal. I had never enjoyed that magazine more than that issue. Maybe that’s where it all started.

My first ever case is still ongoing, and it is about a few incidents reported in my state.

It was first brought to my notice when one of my roommates in college told me this story.

One evening, we were just chatting, jumping from one topic to another. When we started talking about any supernatural events that we had experienced, my friend brought up this incident from his village. He told us that a family in his hometown was sort of cursed or something. Maybe an enemy of theirs cast some dark magic spell or something. It caused quite a trouble in their house for a while. Stones started just appearing out of nowhere in their home. At first, they thought someone was throwing them into their house from open windows or other spaces. The problem arose when they started receiving the stone even in closed rooms without windows. That's when they were sure that it was definitely some dark magic shit.

I did not think much of it then. But months later, when I was home for the holidays, I read similar news in the newspaper. I still have the cutting with me. xtalesnet Suraj Singh Sisodia beastboysuraj


Stones coming to the settlement of Meghwal(s) (a caste of caregivers to Royal families) of Aahor (place).

A boy of six, injured by the stone.

Bhaskar News | Aahor

The stones rain is still continued in houses in the area called ‘Bhaadruon ki Seri’ (The Lane of Bhaadru(s)) situated in settlements of Meghwal(s). The families are terrorised while the police are incapable of finding the culprits throwing stones. A victim ChhaganaaRam Meghwal told that the stones seemed to have stopped for a day or two, but on Friday, the stones came in again. This pattern is continued for 25 days. The stones stop for a day or two but start coming again. Many attempts were made to find the culprits, throwing stones, but none have been found. The police have been informed about the events. They put surveillance for a few days, and then they also let it go easy. On Friday afternoon, a stone came in, hit the wall and landed in the front yard. Meanwhile, the six-year-old Mohit, son of Baabulaal, got hit in the head. Mohit got injuries on his head. The members of the family are in fear after being unable to find the culprits. They have to stay in closed rooms. One fears to even come out in the front yard.

The news did not have much, but it got my attention. That’s when I started my research on it. I scoured the internet and found out several more incidents spread over time and across the globe.

The latest one is from the State of Kerala, India. You can find it here -

This story is from July 24, 2021

It’s raining stones on these Kerala houses

Sandeep Thomas | TNN | Updated: Jul 24, 2021, 19:09 IST

Idukki district geologist Sunil Kumar told TOI that the rain is suspected to be a weathering process.

IDUKKI: A rare phenomenon has been reported at a small hilly village in Idukki. For the past three weeks, it’s been raining stones on two homes of Paravilayiil Suresh and his father-in-law Selvaraj of Pulinkatta near Upputhara in Idukki.

According to Suresh, since July 2, the stones have been continuously falling over the two houses. "Our families live in two separate houses. Due to the continuous rain of stones, we can't sleep. When the incident first happened, I filed a complaint at the police station. The police officials reached the spot to see the stone raining," Suresh told TOI.

"My family consists of a wife and four children, and my in-laws reside nearby. Due to the repeated stone felling, we shifted stay at my brother's home yesterday. The panchayat president directed us to shift to the nearest Anganwadi. We will shift there on Sunday,” he said.

“Due to the stone raining, the asbestos sheets of both homes were totally destroyed. There is a rock in the upper area of my home,” he said.

Idukki district geologist Sunil Kumar told TOI that the rain is suspected to be a weathering process. "Weathering is the breaking down or dissolution of rocks and minerals on Earth's surface. We suspect that there is a rock near the house, and the home is situated downstream, " Kumar said.

“We will inspect the place soon. A detailed inspection is required to know the actual reason behind the stone raining,” he said.

Here’s a video of a stone rain in Italy that I found on the internet.

And, here’s the oldest documented report of one such rain. You can find it here –

When stones rained on Harrisonville, Ohio.

By TFIGLOBAL News Desk, posted 3 Years Ago.

Harrisonville Ohio was founded in 1840, and named for William Henry Harrison, the winning candidate in the 1840 United States presidential election. A post office was established at Harrisonville in 1841 and remained in operation until 1964.

Harrisonville Ohio is referenced in the Netflix series “The Haunting of Hill House”, Season 1 Episode 9. The show referenced raining stones on the village in 1901.

The raining stones story has quite an interesting background.

One of the most well-famous cases of falling stones happened in Harrisonville, Ohio, in Oct. 1901. The Buffalo Express, a local newspaper, reported that on Oct. 13, “a small boulder came crashing through the window of Zach Dye’s house.” Nobody was seen in the surrounding area. But this was just the start. Within a few days, the whole town was afflicted by stones and boulders falling from a clear sky.

Bewildered as to where the stones were coming from, the townsfolk rounded up all the men and boys of Harrisonville to rule out the incident being caused by a gang of trouble-makers. The stones however continued to fall. Several days later, the rain of stones stopped just as abruptly as it had started.

So what caused the falling of stones in Harrisonville, Ohio.

Scientists have failed to find a definitive answer for the strange phenomenon of raining stones. Over the years, many theories have been proposed, from ghost activity to aliens, gangs of stone-throwers, volcanoes, meteorites, tornadoes, and even an act of God. Joshua 10:11, which reads – "the Lord cast down great stones from heaven upon them until Azekah, and they died”, is frequently used to explain the strange incident.

Harrisonville, Ohio is not the lone exception. On Nov. 23, 2013, thousands of small rocks fell from the sky over Sicily, Italy, which began after Mount Etna, an active volcano, spewed out pumice stones, dust, and ash into the sky.

Now, I know the reasons could be natural, and more likely, they are. But during my research, I also found out about this entity called Lithobolia, also known as the Stone Throwing Devil.

It first appeared in a narrative folk tale by Richard Chamberlayne, first printed in London in 1698. Here's the Wikipedia page –

And, there was some other stuff that can only be found on the deep web. Yes, my research takes me to places. I read about rituals and spells that can be used to bind any supernatural entity to do your bidding. I wonder if that's what happened in any of the above cases. Someone bound this entity and used it to carry out their vendetta.

My research is still on, and I plan to travel to one of these places to talk to some of these witnesses. No matter how much time it takes me, I will get to the bottom of it.

If you have also ever experienced anything like it, be it witchcraft, hauntings, supernatural or paranormal presence, entities or creatures from another world, dimension, or planet, then share it with me through the contact form or send me an email at I will feature it on Let's all get together in search of truth.


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