The Hauntings at a Boys' Hostel

A series of paranormal sights and experiences at a boys' hostel, where my friend stayed.
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The Hauntings at a Boys’ Hostel xtalesnet Suraj Singh Sisodia beastboysuraj

My childhood friend went to get his diploma in electronics engineering. His dormitory was far out in the middle of nowhere. There were a few shops maybe, but that was it. It was easily accessible by bus, though. Maybe, that was why they chose that place; It was peaceful out there.

Before you start joking, let me clear this out. The building was not built on any old cemetery or something like that. Actually, that's the reason I decided to do this story. Since the narrator is my childhood friend—actually, he's my oldest friend, that's why I trust him and these stories.

His years there were all fun and games. He stayed drunk for most of those. There was nothing different than any other college dormitories, except maybe one thing. They suspected that it was haunted. If not the building, then the place. But, there was something supernatural there. My friend and a few of the boys experienced it themselves.

The place was near the highway, convenient like I said. It was also quite far from any settlements, so that was the perfect ritual ground. Oh, yes, witchcraft used to be common practice back in the day. In some places, people still do that. Now, I can not guarantee you if it works, but what I can guarantee is if you try hard enough in such an area, you might find the remnants of these rituals. My friend found one. Maybe that’s when it all started.

My friend was going home on holiday. He was with another one of his mates. They were waiting for the bus to arrive when they discovered a remnant of one such ritual. There were strange symbols painted on the road with either red paint or something like that. A pot, either earthenware or wood, was sitting in the centre. Had there been someone else instead of my friend, they would have turned around and never returned. My friend, however, began to investigate the scene. They opened the pot, and they found some dry fruits and money. They ate the dry fruits and bought more liquor with the money. My friend went home, and nothing happened. He soon forgot the whole incident until one night.

My friend was returning from his home. He got off the bus and started walking towards the hostel. That's when he heard it. He heard anklet bells. He turned around to look for this stupid girl, who wore her anklets outside the dance class, but he didn't see anybody. He kept walking, and after a while, he heard them again. He got pissed this time. He called out to whoever was there. I told you, my friend isn't easily afraid. He was ready to face whatever came at him, but nothing did. He walked to his dormitory quietly. Once again, the incident was forgotten.

The scary incident was the next one. So, it’s summer, and everyone sleeps outside. They don’t just go straight to sleep; they stay awake until late, talking about various things, you know, the usual student talks. So, it was a night just like this. Everyone had almost dozed off after talking for hours. One fellow, however, was wide awake.

To understand what really happened, you need to get an idea of the campus. So there's a perimeter all around the campus building. No one can get in except the main gates. There’s a pavement leading from the entrance to the building. My friend and his mates were sleeping just outside the building on the pavement. Don’t get confused; they all had their cots. So, back to it, this guy was wide awake. Maybe he had a nap in the afternoon. He was just looking around when he noticed something.

There was someone just outside the main gates. He sat up straight, looked ahead, and what he saw scared the hell out of him. It was a woman, draped in white. She was gesturing to him to come closer. And, on top of that, she was smiling. My friend’s mate began to choke on his own words. He was so terrified that he couldn’t even call out to guys sleeping just next to him. He was paralyzed. Hopefully, one of them noticed him gagging and throwing his hands and feet. They all woke up and asked him what the matter was. He couldn't speak. When he could, eventually, tell, the woman was long gone. Nobody saw her except for him. The very next day, he took the first bus to his home and didn’t show his face until months later.

He was not the first one to leave the hostel. Apparently, others had gone before him and one after. This one guy had also come back from holidays. This poor bastard had just opened the door of his room, and he saw this woman in white standing right in the middle of the room. My heart breaks for this poor fellow. The only thing he could muster to say was smoke and windows shutting on their own. My friend deciphered it for me. He said that he never saw the woman. He only saw the smoke leaving the window, and then the windows shut on their own. The part with the woman standing in the room was borrowed later in retellings of the incident. But this incident made one thing clear. There was definitely something wrong there, something supernatural.

The last incident is spread over days and is very different from the rest. It still creeped me out. My friend and his mates used to sit outside the campus by the road just to kill time. One day, they all saw a girl, a pretty one, walking the road somewhere. The ear-grabbing part is that there was no village, no settlements nearby. So, where did that girl live? It baffled all of them. But, as I said, it was a pretty girl, so they all wanted to have a good time with her. So, they all started doing their things to woo her. Unfortunately, one of them was stalking. I know it’s wrong, but hey, they were all college students, probably pumped up on alcohol. One day, they waited for her to cross that road, and then, they followed her.

This is where it gets interesting. My friend and his mates couldn't follow her closely; there was always a few yards of distance between them. The crucial part is that after a turn, the girl vanished. They looked for her everywhere but couldn’t find her. They waited for her the next day but nothing. Soon, this incident was also forgotten like all the others. Nobody really knows what's the deal with that place. These incidents interested me, and I thought they would seem the same to you, so today, I asked my friend to narrate these events from the beginning. He was glad to do so. I hope you liked it.

If you like reading such events and incidents, will keep bringing these personal experiences.


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